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Pixel Perfect Photography is committed to delivering high-quality photos and video to our customers, so we offer an array of services that will highlight your products’ features in gorgeous high resolution. Each of our professional photography packages provides fantastic photos that are sure to attract new customers and convert new sales.
Our services offered are the following:
White Background Product Photography
Simple and elegant, we place your product in front of a pearly white background so the customer is not distracted by anything but the product itself. A white background is required by Amazon for all product listings and is an effective means of keeping the focus of your listing on your product. Additionally, a pure white background blends well with Amazon search results and listing detail pages.
Lifestyle Product Photography
If your product imagery needs to really show off the product and its features, opting for lifestyle photography will bring your product to life. You tell us what you want, and we can set a colorful scene that best demonstrates the product in action or reveals its features.
360 Degree Floating Product Video
You’ll be hard-pressed to find another product photographer who can craft a unique video for your listings! This exclusive service creates a promotional video that shows your product in the round is an effective way to demonstrate its exceptional qualities to customers. Our 360-degree video capturing technology offers a dynamic look at your product from all angles against a luminescent white background.
model photography
Included with this option is use of a male or female model to illustrate the use of your product for clarity and added appeal.
WOW Images w/ Graphic Design & Digital Effects
Want your images to speak volumes more than what is possible during a normal photoshoot? Our photography experts can add a variety of digital graphics and effects to put your product in almost any setting and situation you wish that normally wouldn’t be as feasible with a traditional photo shoot. Want to put your product on the surface of the moon? We can do it for you with a WOW Image!
Hassle-Free Product Shippings
We make shipping your product to and from us as easy as humanly possible.
Want a sample of what you can expect from Pixel Perfect Photography? Check out our portfolio of work to see our results for yourself.
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